Watchtower Ruins at Ilihan




Watchtower Ruins at Ilihan

iliboljoon Watchtower Ruins at Ilihan
This watchtower is attributed to Fray Julian Bermejo who built a series of fortifications during the 1800s. One of three watchtowers in Boljoon, it is perched over the Ili of ilihan, overlooking the Bohol Sea . The remnants show a square plan. It is Made of cut coral stones.

Ili Rock (Ilihan)

The most popular landmark in Boljoon, Ili Rock is a natural rock formation at the edge of the Poblacion, built-up area. Ilihan is believed to be a natural fortress during pre-historic times. But present day Boljoanon does not have any knowledge of the Ili Rock being a fortress in oral History. It is one of the main natural attractions in Boljoon.

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