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Last Updated: Oct. 17, 2010

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Facts for the Visitors

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +8
Dialing Code: 63
Area Code: 32
Zip Code:6024
Electricity: 220V, 60Hz
Weights & measures: Metric
Network and Land Line Provider: Globe, Smart, Sun


The most colorful and lovely occasion is the annual town fiesta in honor of Nuestra Señora Patrocinio de Maria, is celebrated with great vigor and plenty of fireworks, fall in every second Friday and Saturday of November each year.

Money & Costs

Currency: Philippines Peso
Budget: P100-1000
Budget: P500-2000


Boljoon is best from November to February when the weather turns cool and dry. It is coolest from December to February hottest from March to May. Temperatures can rise higher than 100 F (37.8 C) in the summer. The rainy season begins in July, bringing torrential downpours that can sometimes inhibit movement. Fortunately, being outside the typhoon belt. Boljoon is seldom visited by typhoons


Boljoon is one of the oldest town in Cebu , Established 1599 by Augustinian Friars, teeming with beautiful boulevard, ancient church and big convent. Rich carvings and antiques, Church belfry erected separately from main building, is a unique architectural design. Moss-covered solitary watchtower perches on Eli hill. Unique culture.

Economic Resources

Agricultural Products: Corn, Rice,
Industrial Products: Vegetable and Coconut oil
Principal Exports: Furniture, Fashion accesories, Coconut oil
Food Products: Torta, Tostado, Bibingka, cookies

Language and Dialecs

Cebuano is the native tounge and English is the commonly and the second language.


The Boljoanons are all roman catholic.

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