Patrocinio De Maria Church/ Rectory/ Belfry




Patrocinio De Maria Church/ Rectory/ Belfry

Built in 1783, but during Fr. Julian Bermejo’s tenure, the church complex underwent expansion of 1808. Work on the church, rectory and belfry took many years to become one complex.

Arch. Melva Java, in her article publish in Cebu Daily News, described the church complex as among the few maintained its square plan. “The look and layout has remained consistent with the 18th century plan as no new or additional structures that would obstruct or destroy alignments of buildings has been built by the succeding generations,” she said.

churchplaza Patrocinio De Maria Church/ Rectory/ Belfry

The church is made of coral stones and hard wood. The roof is made of clay tiles. Twenty-six pilasters support the walls. The walls are as thick as the pilasters. In terms of oranmentation, the facade contains relief and carving depicting various biblical and church characters, such as the biblical snake and Ybix bird, etc. The retablos are gilded with gold dust. The choir loft sports intricate and fine tracery railings. The ceiling paintings are said to be 80 years old painted by Miguel Villareal, a native of Boljoon.

The parish was under the Spanish Friars up until 1948. The church structure is now Boljoon’s landmark.

Church Plaza

The church plaza is site of many religious festivities and activities through centuries of active chruch life. Until today, it serves as focal point of may religious and social festivities initiated by the Parish of the local government.

The plaza provides a perfect vantage point for the church edifice, the Ili rock formation on the north and the expanse of the cove, commanding the most unique and distinguishing vistas in the whole of Cebu.

It is also believed that the Plaza was a historic burial ground.
churchwalls Patrocinio De Maria Church/ Rectory/ Belfry

Church Gates and Walls

Built between 1802 and 1808, the walls are attributed to Fray Julian Bermejo as part of his massive fortification of the church complex. There are three church gates, one in front and two on each side of the back fortification. At the corners of the back walls are bulwarks, which served as lookout. The gates and church walls are made of coral stoned and rubble.

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