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Garcia scolds mayors for holding sleazy pageants in fiestas

Cebu Daily News
Last updated 01:16pm (Mla time) 12/05/2007

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Cebu’s first lady governor does not like sleazy beauty pageants, something that she made perfectly clear to the mayors – especially the male mayors – of Cebu towns on Tuesday.

“You male mayors really like it when we women strut on stage wearing clothes so thin it reveals everything,” said Governor Gwendolyn Garcia. “You’re down there, smiling and applauding. Are you that corrupted?”

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Man kills mom; hubby, his wife

A MOTHER in Boljoon, Cebu was beaten up, tied up at the neck and dragged around inside their house by her son, who is believed to be suffering from a mental illness.

In Mandaue City, a woman died a day after she reported to the police that her husband beat up.

The Mandaue City police released yesterday the man who was picked up by police for questioning over his wife’s death.

Nonilon Tayo, 26, reportedly mauled his common-law wife Marilyn Oma, 24, took her to a local healer and did not do anything when he found that she was no longer breathing.

Tayo brought Oma to a local healer last Thursday, a day after she told police he mauled her.


Leave Gloria, Erap out of belen: Dakay

THE local Catholic Church isn’t happy with a nativity scene or “belen” posted outside a theater in downtown Cebu City.

The belen, intended by the owner to promote peace, uses photos of President Arroyo to depict Mary and former president Joseph Estrada for Joseph. It is displayed outside the New Cinema Theater in downtown Cebu City.

Msgr. Achilles Dakay, Cebu Archdiocese media liaison officer, criticized creators of the belen, saying Church-related activities or images are sacred and should not be politicized.

“Fiesta is a church activity. Dili angay kabay-an. Didto sa Boljoon, gikabay-an sa mga nag-bikini. Didto sa Lapu-Lapu, gikabay-an og politico,” he said in a dyLA radio interview yesterday.

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Seares: Bikini closed

By Pachico A. Seares
News Sense

“BIKINI,” word experts tell us, was coined by the French. The paper Le Monde Ilustre used Bikini Atoll, US atom bomb test site in Marshall Islands, to describe the two-piece swimsuit for women.

The name suggests “explosive effect” of a bikini on viewers, mostly unimaginative males whose hormones rage when they see a lot of female anatomy.

The bikini swept French beaches and beauty contests in 1947, the same year their media popularized the term for the “small pair of pants and a brassiere.”

It was not until almost 60 years later that organizers in Cebu exploited the Bikini Open, a beauty contest usually held at a beach resort where judges rate female candidates on how they look and move in skimpy attire.

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Gwen walks out in protest of ‘vulgar’ beauty show

Cebu Daily News
Last updated 08:48am (Mla time) 11/11/2007

CEBU Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia walked out of a beauty pageant on the eve of the fiesta celebration of Boljoon town last Friday.

Garcia was invited to watch the contest after she attended a procession of the town’s patron saint, Nostra Señora de Patrocinio de Maria (Virgin Mary).

She was to receive a plaque of appreciation at the program.

The province had given P3 million in assistance to help renovate Boljoon church, the fourth oldest church in the country.

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Gov scandalized by bikini show

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia yesterday expressed disgust over what she labeled as a “tasteless, scandalous and totally disrespectful” fashion show in Boljoon town last Friday night.

Garcia and Boljoon Mayor Deogenes de Rama were invited to grace the staging of what was called a fashion show of indigenous attire as one of the highlights of the town’s annual fiesta yesterday.

Just as the show was about to start, Garcia said she was shocked when the lights turned on and a woman came out from the stage wearing a bikini.

“I was totally scandalized beyond belief,” Garcia told reporters.

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