Man kills mom; hubby, his wife

A MOTHER in Boljoon, Cebu was beaten up, tied up at the neck and dragged around inside their house by her son, who is believed to be suffering from a mental illness.

In Mandaue City, a woman died a day after she reported to the police that her husband beat up.

The Mandaue City police released yesterday the man who was picked up by police for questioning over his wife’s death.

Nonilon Tayo, 26, reportedly mauled his common-law wife Marilyn Oma, 24, took her to a local healer and did not do anything when he found that she was no longer breathing.

Tayo brought Oma to a local healer last Thursday, a day after she told police he mauled her.

In the southern town of Boljoon, Beethoven Derama Chua, 21, was found by his uncle crying when he saw his mother Salome already dead.

Salome, 51, had tied Beethoven up because he sometimes became violent. However, she took pity on her son and set him free.

According to a report submitted to the Cebu Provincial Police Office, the incident happened in Barangay Lunop last Thursday.

Salome’s mother Honaria, 81, told police that her house is not far from Salome’s.

She said that at 7 a.m. Thursday, she heard Salome scream for help. Because she was afraid she would also be harmed, Honaria did not leave her house and locked the doors, thinking that her grandson must have struck again.

A few minutes later, Honaria told her son Leon to check what happened because it was suddenly quiet.

When Leon went to check, he found a sobbing Beethoven while a lifeless Salome had bruises all over her body, blood on her head and a piece of rope was tied around
her neck.

SPO1 Roderick Roma said Beethoven has been suffering from a nervous breakdown.

Beethoven has been tied up at their house but he kept asking his mother to untie him because he was already well.

Because she took pity on him, Salome released him from his binds. Suddenly, Beethoven began beating her up.

Roma believes he used the same ropes that had been used to tie him up and put this around his mother’s neck. He then allegedly dragged her around the house until she choked to death.

Beethoven is detained at the Boljoon Police Station as a parricide charge is being prepared against him.

Roma said they will let the courts determine if Beethoven needs psychiatric help.

In 2005, the Philippine National Police (PNP) recorded 12 cases of domestic violence every day. That is one victim every two hours.

The year before, the government enacted into law Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act.

The police in Mandaue City is yet to establish if charges will be filed against Nonilon Tayo for the death of his wife.

SPO3 Dindo Montes-claros said they detained Tayo after they learned that his wife Oma died last Thursday.

But they released him at 2 p.m. yesterday on the advice of the prosecutor of the case. The prosecutor told police to free Tayo because there is no result of the autopsy on Oma yet.

Montesclaros said the autopsy report will determine the cause of Oma’s death and if Tayo had anything to do with it.

Tayo and Oma lived at the back of Matimco in Barangay Tipolo. Oma was from Lapinig town in Lanao del Norte.

Montesclaros said Oma reported to them last Wednesday that Tayo mauled her.

The next day at 8:30 a.m., Tayo brought his wife to a local healer in Barangay Paknaan to have her examined. He did not say what Oma’s illness was.

Tayo said he was with his parents Inocencio and Magdalena, who live in the place.

After the examination, they rode a taxi, where Tayo found that Oma’s heartbeat had stopped.

But he didn’t take her to the hospital. He brought her to their house in Tipolo.

After the police learned about the incident, they picked up Tayo for questioning.

As part of efforts to protect women and children, women and children’s desks were set by the PNP in every police station all over the country. (MEA/OCP/With DRT of Superbalita)

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