‘One Visayas’ supporting Teodoro

Manila Bulletin

January 20, 2010, 4:36pm BOLJOON, Cebu — Governors and mayors in the Visayas under the One Visayas group have unanimously expressed their support for the presidential bid of Gilbert Teodoro who attended the first day of the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo Southern Heritage trail.

Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, Antique Governor Sally Perez, and Negros Occidental Governor Isidro Zayco led other officials from the different provinces of Regions 6, 7, and 8 in officially declaring their support for the standard bearer of the Lakas-Kampi CMD party.

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Beating a path to Boljoon


Visitors to Cebu usually troop to the cities or the tried-and-tested spots on the island of Mactan. They don’t know what they’re missing. You don’t have to go where guide books and travel shows tell you to.

Many people forget that travel is partly an adventure—and you can’t really call yourself “adventurous” if you don’t at least make an attempt to go off the proverbial beaten path. There lies the difference between a tourist and a traveler. Not that you can’t be both.

Little-known locations


The Gold Chain from Boljoon

On March 25, 2009, one of the most important finds in Philippine archaeology was made in Boljoon, Cebu, when a 1.1-meter necklace was uncovered from one of the burials that were excavated there. The necklace, worn on a probable female burial coded as Burial 43.

Jose G. Santiago and Dante Posadas (of the National Museum) and I began the brushing the neckline of the burial to search for artifacts that day. We were not disappointed. For a long gold loop-in-loop chain (reportedly called “inahas” or snake-like by 16th century natives according to Spanish missionaries) glinted like it was made only yesterday.


More gold, more puzzles from Boljoon

By Jobers Bersales
Cebu Daily News
First Posted 11:12:00 04/02/2009

Our fourth excavation season in Boljoon, Cebu has once again confirmed the town’s wealthy past with the recovery of a burial cache from a female individual (we call her Burial #29) dating to around 1550-1600, based on one of two datable ceramic accompaniments in her grave. The cacheincluded a 1.1-meter long necklace, locally referred to as “inahas” (snake-like), comprising a 14- or 18-carat gold in loop-in-loop design. The gold weighs 34.1 grams and is estimated, using current gold prices, at P22,650.00. Its historical significance and archaeological value is, of course, immeasurable.


The gold mask of Plaza Independencia

By Jobers Bersales
Cebu Daily News
First Posted 18:17:00 10/16/2008

On the first day of monitoring excavation activities at the Plaza Independencia, last Monday alone, a very important treasure that Cebuanos can very well be proud of was recovered: a death mask made of hastily etched thin gold sheets. A second one, or just a piece of it (one covering the eyes) was also recovered in the same location. These are vital proofs of the wealth of pre-Hispanic Cebuanos and the burial practices they carried out for their dearly departed.