More gold, more puzzles from Boljoon

By Jobers Bersales
Cebu Daily News
First Posted 11:12:00 04/02/2009

Our fourth excavation season in Boljoon, Cebu has once again confirmed the town’s wealthy past with the recovery of a burial cache from a female individual (we call her Burial #29) dating to around 1550-1600, based on one of two datable ceramic accompaniments in her grave. The cacheincluded a 1.1-meter long necklace, locally referred to as “inahas” (snake-like), comprising a 14- or 18-carat gold in loop-in-loop design. The gold weighs 34.1 grams and is estimated, using current gold prices, at P22,650.00. Its historical significance and archaeological value is, of course, immeasurable.